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Today we have a special guest! Our younger brother Joshua, 11, is sharing a review on one of his favorite books, The Case of the Red Headed League, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Recommended for Whom?

The Case of the Red Headed League can be read from ages 9 to 99, by anyone who loves reading, and is looking for a great mystery.

Joshua’s Rating: ⅘

Olivia’s Rating ⅖

Favorite character: Dr. Watson.


The Case of the Red Headed League is about a case that Jabez Wilson brought to Sherlock Holmes’ attention in his cozy apartment in London. Jabez has been started a job working for a book company, copying encyclopedias, but suddenly without an explanation, the company closes.

What is Good (SPOILERS)

The Case of the Red Headed League teaches inductive logic by showing inferences that Sherlock Holmes makes from beginning to end. Sherlock takes care of the observance, and readers try to solve the mystery before he does.

The villain is captured by the end, and is locked up, even though he reveals that he is the son of a royal duke of England. It just goes to show you that crime never pays.

Arthur Conan Doyle tells his story in a challenging way, with not especially hard language, and not “one day a guy went to Holmes’ place and hired him.” He tells the story naturally, like he is telling his son a bedtime story.

What is Bad

Characters use blasphemy when the are surprised or angry. In other Doyle books profanity is used, but not in this one. Other than that I have nothing bad to say about it.


Other Doyle books should be read, but The Case of the Red Headed League must be read as soon as you get the chance. As it is my favorite mystery, I have read it multiple times, but the first time I read the The Case of the Red Headed League was the most enjoyable time. So pick up a copy of The Case of the Red Headed League and start reading.


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