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Preliminary Notes:

I am excited to review my sister’s latest book! While there is a risk of bias when reviewing a book of someone you know, I have tried to look at the story objectively. What you are about to read are my genuine opinions, which I believe would be the same whether I knew the author or not.


Recommended for Whom?

Just about anyone who is not easily frightened. Alen’s War is not very difficult to read, but some of the content may disturb very young children.

My Rating: 5/5

My Favorite Character: Though I really liked Brandis, my favorite has to be Alen.


Alen, the son of the king of Agran, is given a simple secret task: find an insurrectionist named Galer and bring him back quietly to the capital for trial. In a series of tragic mistakes, Alen sets off a full-blown civil war. Now Agran is out to have Alen’s head for a wereguild. To save himself and his homeland, Alen and a small group of fighters must capture Galer once and for all. Yet their own dark secrets haunt them at every turn and foil their plans.

What is Good

I love so many things about this book, that it would be too long to list them all! So, I will lower down my list to my two favorite things.

First of all, I really loved Hannah’s characters in Alen’s War. Each of them is interesting and has their own flaws, but they are all really likeable. The raider Brandis, for example, is funny and amusing, but also complex.

Secondly, Alen’s War has a great message of forgiveness, repentance, and reconciliation. I can’t say much more than that without spoiling the story, so I will stop now.

What is Not Good

I had the privilege of being a beta reader for this book, and as such, all of my problems with the book were solved before it was published! I would only caution about the bit of violence, as a few characters die. Hannah is not graphic for the sake of being graphic, but some young children who are very sensitive might be disturbed by their deaths.


This is definitely one of my new favorite books. The characters are well-developed, the storyline is enjoyable to read, and the message is fantastic. As long as you are old enough to not be frightened by a little violence and tension, I think that you will also really enjoy this book.

So, go pick up a copy of Alen’s War and support my brilliant, starving-artist sister! 🙂

(If you would like the Kindle Edition, click here.)

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